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  2. However, that outbreak of the muzzled subject into a new emotional
    immediacy will be untrue, and degenerate into self-deception, wherever the fat and comfortable composer, perhaps slightly scarred structurally and therefore the more likely to complain, sets up house once again in the old junk-room of available emotions. The temptation to do this is great, and the impression cannot simply be dismissed out of hand that after so much lamentable stagnation, the recent teeming abundance of powerfully emotional music exists thanks to the degenerate fruitfulness of maggots having a good time on the fat of the tonal cadaver.

    — Helmut Lachenmann: Open Letter to Hans Werner Henze

  3. Everything about this is excellent: the vertical tracking issues, the Oriental Star Agencies crawl along the bottom (his first agency, based in Birmingham, which started to promote the Sabri Brothers in the 70s), Mick Jagger as guest of honor. That faint reverb/delay on Nusrat’s vocal mic. Perfect! 

  4. Illustrated Song Slides are totally weird and awesome. 

    Illustrated Song Slides are totally weird and awesome. 

  5. what does it mean?

  6. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ptolemy%27s_intense_diatonic_scale →

    Ptolmey’s Intense Diatonic Scale

  7. that portative organ tho 

  8. "Musical rhythm does not only sublimate the aesthetic and a rule of art: it has an ethical function. In its relation to the body, to time, to the work, it illustrates real (everyday) life. It purifies it in the acceptance of catharsis. Finally, and above all, it brings compensation for the miseries of everydayness, for its deficiencies and failures. Music integrates the functions, the values of Rhythm …”

    -Henri Lefenvre, Rhythmanalysis, trans. Stuard Elden and Gerald Moore. New York: Continuum, 2004. Page 66.