2. so many turks


  3. "The discovery of irrational numbers is said to have been shocking to the Pythagoreans, and Hippasus is supposed to have drowned at sea, apparently as a punishment from the gods, for divulging this. However, the few ancient sources which describe this story either do not mention Hippasus by name or alternatively tell that Hippasus drowned because he revealed how to construct a dodecahedron inside a sphere. The discovery of irrationality is not specifically ascribed to Hippasus by any ancient writer. Some modern scholars though have suggested that he discovered the irrationality of √2, which it is believed was discovered around the time that he lived.”

  6. composersdoingnormalshit:

    Toru Takemitsu and Iannis Xenakis eating soba.


  7. musicandphilosophy:

    CFP: New Ontologies of Sound and Music

    AMS Music and Philosophy Study Group

    Milwaukee, 2014

    What is the “ontology” of music? Twenty years ago, the phrase connoted a series of debates among philosophers and music scholars concerning the nature of musical works (universals,…

  8. how come nobody told me about ministry?



  10. friday afternoons in the man cave