1. File under: “Babylon Sisters”

  4. unintentional kenneth anger aesthetics all over this clip

  5. a voice, and… nothing more? (heavy keith jarrett vibes) 

    (Source: youtube.com, via weirdudenergy)

  6. continuo-docs:

    Ferruccio Busoni (1866-1924) – Entwurf einer neuen Ästhetik der Tonkunst (Sketch of a New Aesthetic of Music), written 1907.

    Originally written in German in 1906 when Busoni was living in Berlin, this avantgarde music manifesto has been constantly in print in Germany since 1907, thanks to the Insel Bucherei collection of essays and pamphlets in lovely paperbak editions.

  7. Ah, the digital imaginary. 

  8. Laurie’s Ted Talk (1986) (start at 2:40)